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Summer Evening In The Balcony

When the first harsh sunlight filters through the end of spring and when the leaves turn darker green, the dawn of summer seems like heaven after the grueling winter for most. Spring and summer are marked by great weather that lifts spirits and also the garden parties and long nights out enjoying yourself. So if you feel like calling friends over and chilling in the balcony with some food and drinks, here are some great Mocktail recipes to try out to bring out the taste of summer.
Watermelon and lime
While this may seem like an odd combination, this soda mixes to make the best sweet and sour taste to ravage your taste buds. Grab the most succulent looking watermelon from the local farmer’s market along with some bright lemons. When you are making the soda you should add the watermelon and lemon amounts to what you prefer along with the cups of water to get the consistency you would like and mix them harshly and then sift through a sieve to get the juice only. Add bits of ginger, sugar and water to a saucepan and melt together and then cool which can then be mixed into the lemon and watermelon juice to create the best summer soda.
Peach lemonade
One of the more notorious recipes to get right, peach lemonade is one of the tastiest drinks to have on a hot summer evening. Grab 4 cups of water; add two cups of chopped ripe peaches, and three quarter cups of sugar onto a saucepan bring to boil over medium heat. Then make the mixture simmer for three minutes in low heat. Then blend this mixture after cooling and sift through a sieve to get juice. Then add lemon juice to this mixture and serve with ice. You can always refrigerate the peach juice and mix in the lemon when you are serving and add some finger food to snack on.
Cucumber Agua Fresca
‘Pepino’ in Spanish and ‘cucumber’ in English, this drink is based off on this vegetable as the main ingredient to bring a cooling sensation on a summer. Combine three cups of peeled and chopped cucumbers, quarter cup sugar, three tablespoons of lime juice and quarter of a Serrano pepper and blend until it is a smooth paste. Then add three cups of water and keep in the refrigerator until morning. Sift this mixture through a sieve to get the juice without any solids and serve with ice and a garnishing of cucumber or lime slices and finger food catering in Melbourne at http://www.cateringmelbourne.biz/events/office-party/, learn more about it. Make sure to try out as many recipes as you can in the summer; there are cooling and soothing ones and also other recipes for a nice BBQ night in the porch.