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Great Ways To Enjoy Your Next Girls Night Out In Hong Kong

Life can be pretty hectic sometimes. As we all run through our days trying to keep up with everything that we need to do at work and home, there is very little time to actually take some time for ourselves and just let go of all our worries. Especially for women, there is very little escape from the daily responsibilities that take up our time and energy. One of the best ways to be able to find the time to relax and let loose once in a while is to get together with your best friends to chat, catch up and just enjoy each other’s company by occasionally having a ladies’ night out. So here are a few ways to liven things up with the girls on your next night outing;

Shopping Therapy Cures All Ailments
Hong Kong has a generous sprinkling of shopping malls, city centers and street markets to gratify any shopper’s desires. Depending on your budget, you can take your pick from a range of shopping destinations such as the Elements Shopping Mall, Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market, Harbour City and Kowloon Street Shopping. There is also an extensive range selection of items to choose from in each of these shopping stops whether you are looking for branded clothing, Chinese goods or shoes and accessories. And if you are yet to receive this month’s paycheck, no worries, there is always the option of window shopping.

Here’s to a Happy Life
Nothing beats clinking cocktail glasses and enjoying a drink with your best girls at the end of a hard day. Hong Kong’s special Margarita bars are becoming increasingly popular for serving up interesting varieties of the popular cocktail. The days of the usual tequila, lemon juice and triple sec margarita with the salty rim are over.

The latest additions to the variety of this world-famous cocktail by margarita bars use non-conventional ingredients such as cucumber, mango and pomegranate. Be sure to try out such a specialty drink with your friends when you go out next.

Shake off the After Work Stress
If bopping to the beat sounds like a good way to spend the night, head out with your girls to one of the many dance bars or clubs to have a fun night out. After all, what better way to take your mind off all the stress from work other than to shake it off with your favourite dance partners? You don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself by goofing off at a local club or dance bar because everyone will be too busy having a good time to notice your crazy moves! So head out into the night, and dance like you have not a single care in the world.

Rom-Com Life Lessons
The best pastime activity for you and your girlfriends if you are just looking forward to a relaxed outing is to catch a movie at one of the numerous theatres and cinemas in the metropolitan area. Most of these theatres have a wide range of movies screening simultaneously so that you can have your pick depending on what you are in the mood for. Whether you want to enjoy a movie in widescreen, 3D or just be old school, these cinemas will not fail to serve your preference.