in Food Suppliers - 14 Jan, 2016
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Going Healthy With Seafood

Come summer, it is time to go light on your protein intake. For these reasons it is necessary to ensure that you opt for food items that will keep you light and offer the right nutrition that even the diet experts cannot frown upon.

Pairing with drinks
If you do not want to give up your alcoholic drinks entirely, ensure that you have something health on the side. Opting for grilled fishes for instance, even if it is breaded fish items, lightly braising them or grilling them with olive oil will surely reduce your guilt. While at the best bars in Melbourne you can opt for the same as well. Simply ask them to keep aside the mayo filled dressings and dips that they serve and which seem tempting enough to douse the fingers with.

Steaks with a difference
Why do all steaks have to have greasy meats and loads of carbs like potatoes? Opt for diet friendly steaks this summer. Even at the bars in Melbourne CBD you will surely find fish steaks & drinks. The charred and barbequed fishes and smeared with lime and oil as well as herb dressings will surely pair well with a summer drink. It will also help you feel good about the meal, knowing that you have included essential oils, fats and antioxidants in your meal, a must for those who are well in their middle ages and need to up their intake of antioxidants and omega rich fatty acids for the health of their brains and heart.

Cocktail snacks
The snacks that you serve with drinks or the ones you order at a bar need not be all oily and unhealthy. Opt for sushi platters which will be of different fish, meat and will put your taste buds to fire as you dash wasabi sauce on your sushi mouthful. There are many bars that are coming up with ingenious variety of menus of seafood restaurant Crown casino to offer varieties to the customers and to help them make healthy choices with their favorite drinks.

Seafood and its benefits
There is nothing less to say about fishes and seafood. These come enriched with several vitamins and minerals. Most come enriched with antioxidants and fatty oils that are healthy for the system. The key lies in preserving the nutrition of the ingredients and cooking them right. For that reason, opt for a seafood dinner that knows the right way to serve the seafood, either cured or smoked. There are many seafood places in and around Melbourne and if you are looking to find the best seafood on the menu, look up the particulars and reviews about the different eateries before you make a reservation for a fine evening of dining and drinks with friends and loved ones.