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Tips And Ideas For The Perfect Breakfast

If you tell us that you rarely eat breakfast these days, we wouldn’t even be surprised. With how busy people are becoming these days, it’s nearly impossible to have a proper “sit down meal” by yourself, let alone making it a family one. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if pretty soon someone introduces full meals in cups (like those shown in WALL-E!).

But if you have a full and eventful day or week planned ahead, then perhaps it’s time to consider having the right breakfast, that will help energize and fuel your long haul. No idea about what your breakfast could or should be? Fear not, we’ve assemble a few hard to resist breakfast suggestions to help you out!
Not for the faint of heart.

Burgers aren’t only for lunch and dinner, if you make the right change of ingredients that is. Even though we know it isn’t the quickest of breakfasts (unless you opt fortake away), a breakfast burger can be filling enough to tide you over, even if you have to miss lunch. 

If you make the burger patties when you have time and freeze it, throw in a few vegetables, and then include a fried egg or even a poached egg, your breakfast burger is ready to go.

Burritos for breakfast?
If you feel having burgers for breakfast is a unique idea, then surprise! The same could be could be done with burritos. Scramble your eggs with a few vegetables, or include them separately. Then wrap it all in a premade/store bought tortilla, and you’ve got yourself your perfect carry along breakfast that’s fast to prepare and nutritious too!

Savory muffins.
If you can find a little time to bake a few savory muffins and freeze them, then they turn into the perfect breakfast in the span of minutes! You can include eggs, bacon or sausages, cheeses and vegetable to make it nutritious and filling. All you need to do is zap them up in the microwave (or heat it up in the over if you have a little time) and carry it with you to work, or even eat it during your commute.

Overnight oats.
Overnight oats are a brilliant idea, and something that’s perfect for those chaotic mornings. All you need to do is prepare your oats at night and your breakfast is ready and waiting for you when you wake up in the morning! Overnight oats can be prepared with so many different ingredients, which means you can experiment with ingredient and have a different breakfast every day of the week. Prepare your oats in a sealable jar, and you can convert it into an on the go breakfast as well.

A little effort and pre preparations will ensure that you have the right meal to kick start your day…