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You can’t afford to take your family on a fun trip aboard. So what? There are plenty of ways you can enjoy spending time with family without spending a lot of money. Here are several low cost options for family fun time for those on a budget:

Homemade Buffet
Families love eating out. Families on a budget may not get the chance because most good restaurants are expensive. Instead of torturing your bodies at cheap fast food restaurants, make a much healthier meal at home everyone can enjoy. You don’t have to stick to the salads; make this an opportunity to hone your baking skills and teach kids how to make cool snacks like unicorn barn, skillet cookie, devilled eggs and simple pigs in blankets. Make several dishes at home and enjoy a “buffet.” Making meals at home is much more cost effective than buying from the outside, and you can always save the leftovers for later.

Build a Treehouse
Strengthen your familial bonds as well as muscles by building a treehouse together. Everyone will have something to do when building something this cool. Small kids and even teenagers won’t pass up the opportunity to do something like this. You won’t even have to spendmuch money on the material; you can borrow the necessary tools from a neighbor and get food for cheap locally. Rags and old furniture will also help. You can visit the great site using this link http://www.beef-liberty.com/hk/about/ for best hamburger.

Backyard Picnic
Forget fancy restaurants or hotels, you can enjoy an adventure and a great meal without even having to leave your home with a backyard picnic. Make the meals right at home and you won’t even have to endure the hassle of transporting them. If possible, make a little bonfire to enjoy s’mores and skillet cookie while mom or dad tells ghost stories. With older kids, you may even be able to try some safe fireworks after the meal.

Tour a Horror House
Science says that people come closer together if they undergo scary situations together. You can test this theory and see if it makes your family closer than before by touring a horror house. You only have to spend money for the tickets and for the gas to get there. This activity might be more suitable for older kids rather than little ones.
Remember, what’s most important is how much you get to spend together as a family, and not how much money you spent on an outing. As long as what you do as a family helps you come closer together, then your family time has been a success.


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If you tell us that you rarely eat breakfast these days, we wouldn’t even be surprised. With how busy people are becoming these days, it’s nearly impossible to have a proper “sit down meal” by yourself, let alone making it a family one. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if pretty soon someone introduces full meals in cups (like those shown in WALL-E!).

But if you have a full and eventful day or week planned ahead, then perhaps it’s time to consider having the right breakfast, that will help energize and fuel your long haul. No idea about what your breakfast could or should be? Fear not, we’ve assemble a few hard to resist breakfast suggestions to help you out!
Not for the faint of heart.

Burgers aren’t only for lunch and dinner, if you make the right change of ingredients that is. Even though we know it isn’t the quickest of breakfasts (unless you opt fortake away), a breakfast burger can be filling enough to tide you over, even if you have to miss lunch. 

If you make the burger patties when you have time and freeze it, throw in a few vegetables, and then include a fried egg or even a poached egg, your breakfast burger is ready to go.

Burritos for breakfast?
If you feel having burgers for breakfast is a unique idea, then surprise! The same could be could be done with burritos. Scramble your eggs with a few vegetables, or include them separately. Then wrap it all in a premade/store bought tortilla, and you’ve got yourself your perfect carry along breakfast that’s fast to prepare and nutritious too!

Savory muffins.
If you can find a little time to bake a few savory muffins and freeze them, then they turn into the perfect breakfast in the span of minutes! You can include eggs, bacon or sausages, cheeses and vegetable to make it nutritious and filling. All you need to do is zap them up in the microwave (or heat it up in the over if you have a little time) and carry it with you to work, or even eat it during your commute.

Overnight oats.
Overnight oats are a brilliant idea, and something that’s perfect for those chaotic mornings. All you need to do is prepare your oats at night and your breakfast is ready and waiting for you when you wake up in the morning! Overnight oats can be prepared with so many different ingredients, which means you can experiment with ingredient and have a different breakfast every day of the week. Prepare your oats in a sealable jar, and you can convert it into an on the go breakfast as well.

A little effort and pre preparations will ensure that you have the right meal to kick start your day…

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The development of technology has seen a leap in the demand for office space. The rise in the prices of land beckons the increase of rent prices especially in city centers and metropolis areas where business owners are hard pressed to make their rent payments on time. This problem poses a major threat to the success of businesses, where small firms have been denied the option of expanding due to the huge cost of premises. 

Small companies looking to expand their premises have the option of keeping the operation small till there is sufficient capital to invest in the rent or purchase of land in metropolis areas. This is especially so in the case of online retail businesses which have been increasing in number every day, where they have the advantage of having an online presence and can market their business online rather than on the high street. This could be an opportunity for business owners who currently own office space in the metropolitan areas in the city.

The visible outer walls of office buildings can be used to facilitate advertisements in the way of billboards, plaques and banners, which is a creative way of getting an added income to the firm. This will create a win-win situation for both parties, where the owner of the property gets and added income, and simultaneously another business is advertised in prime real-estate to reach potential customers. However the disadvantage lies in the fact that the advertisements for another firm may draw the attention away from the firm owning the premises, and cause confusions. For example an advertisement for function rooms for hire on the premises of a stock brokering firm may create the illusion that the stock brokering firm has space available to be rented, when the actual location of the advertiser is somewhere else. Read more review here if you are looking for the best bars and restaurants.

Another way of making the most out of your office space is renting it out when it is not in use. For example, a corporate firm can rent out its space on the weekends (if it is not in use) as function rooms for hire in Sydney. This is a rather common strategy used by many firms to make extra money on the side. Thus the obvious advantage is the opportunity to create added income.

However there are a few disadvantages to be considered as well. For example, without a proper contract in place it is difficult to obtain compensation for any possible damages. Also there is a safety concern with regards to the data, and company records stored on site, where for example it would not be advisable for a law firm to invest in such a venture. Therefore it is possible to say that there are many ways in which one can make the most of office space. However it must be done in a way that does not compromise the standards, ethics and the overall development of the business’ image.